How To Reduce Hand Pain: Our San Francisco Chiropractor Explains

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If your job involves working with your hands or if you have a hobby that requires your hand’s attention at all times, this could lead to chronic pain in your hands if you don’t take care of yourself. We need our hands every day and just like the rest of our body, the function of our wrists and hands are connected to your spine. The nerves that leave the spine travel down the arms to the hands. What’s great about a sports chiropractor is they not only treat the alignment of the spine but can address extremity injuries like hand pain. Here are some common reasons why people get hand pain.

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Common Causes of Hand Pain

  • Injury – Accidents happen but those accidents can cause injuries like fractures, dislocation, and broken bones.
  • De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis- affects the tendons of the thumb from overuse. ART and IASTM work great to treat the condition.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – This involves the compression of the nerve that delivers messages for movement to the hand. People often pair chiropractic visits and use a brace for support and pain relief.
  • Osteoarthritis – This pain stems from inflammation and swelling of the joints caused by degeneration.

Relief for Hand Pain with Chiropractic Care 

As a practice that believes in holistic healing, we will do a full body consultation to assess the health of your entire spine and surrounding areas. Once we find the source of your pain we will create a custom plan to get you back to feeling your best! Our methods include massages, exercises, chiropractic manipulation , and other soft tissue therapies like ART(Active Release Technique) to help the body naturally heal and regain strength.

Chiropractors are best at locating the source of the pain and understanding how to fix the root problem. Let us help you reach mobility again in your hands and relieve your hand pain.

Make an appointment to talk to our chiropractors about your hand pain.


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