Can Chiropractors Treat Hip Pain?

In short, the answer is yes, chiropractic care can help treat your hip pain. But we wouldn’t leave you with just that without an explanation. Hip pain occurs when your joints have been faced with injury or overuse and as a result causes pain and inflammation. Joint pain can happen anywhere but most common in the hips, shoulder and knee areas. Like any type of injury, our chiropractors specialize in finding the cause of your pain and treat to correct it.

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What Causes Hip Pain?

Your hip joint supports your whole upper body and provides stability, strength, and mobility. It stands as one of the most common types of joint pain due to occurrences at a young age as well as in adults usually over 50. The hip joint refers to where the rounded edge of the upper thigh bone connects with the socket of the hip bone, known as the acetabulum. This joint is also contains connective tissue and is protected by a fluid sac called a bursa. This ball and socket joint can be affected by a number of reasons.

  • Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is caused by natural wear and tear. This results in wearing down the soft tissue protecting bone on bone contact. 
  • Low Back Pain – It is inevitable that your low back can affect the hip. Both of these joints are connected and if you have any kind of lower back problems it can also lead to pain in your hips. Some low back issues are spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and misaligned joints.
  • Bursitis – This condition occurs when there is inflammation or irritation to the bursa, those sacs we called out as protecting your hip joints. Bursitis can limit motion and cause pain due to inflamed soft tissues.

Hip Pain Relief: Treatment Tips from a Chiropractor

Outside of your treatments try a few exercises to help stretch your hip and get some pain relief. The pigeon yoga pose (pic above), is helpful to open your hips and loosen them up. Tight hips can prevent you from full mobility and has the potential to lead to hip & low back pain as well. You can also use tools at home in combination with your treatments for further relief. Try a knee pillow to help restore alignment and help relieve stress and pain in your hips.

Schedule Chiropractic Care in San Francisco to Treat Hip Pain

No one should live with hip pain. The best way to treat these common pain problems in the body is to treat them naturally. If possible avoid surgery and seek options that help your body heal faster and stronger. Our SF chiropractors will help assess your pain and create a custom treatment plan.

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