Treatment for Herniated Discs in San Francisco

Chiropractic care is known for its holistic nature in healing. When it comes to your spine, we evaluate it in its entirety. Even if you visit us with low back pain , we will still examine your neck and everything else that your spine is connected to. One part of your spine can very well affect other parts of your body. Your spinal discs play a large role in providing cushion and support to your spine so when they become “torn” or “herniated”, the integrity of your spine is in jeopardy and you are easily at risk for pain.

Treatment for Herniated Discs in San Francisco | SF Custom Chiropractic

Common Signs of Disc Problems

These are common signs of herniated disc problems. Any kind of chronic pain should be addressed. Learn more about the main causes of herniated discs here .

Do Herniated Discs Ever Heal?

When it comes to healing the spine, there are many treatments to consider. Your body heals itself better when it is healthy and given the right natural tools to do so. If your body is healthy and you seek a series of adjustments, the realignment will restore balance in your spine. This combination will help your herniated discs heal.   

How Do You Treat a Herniated Disc? 

Your chiropractor will put together a customized treatment plan catering to the level of pain and severity of your herniated discs. Surgery doesn’t have the be the only treatment. Helping your body heal on its own not only help your current problem but strengthens your spine to protect from further injury in the long run. You plan will include a variety of methods from chiropractic alignments, massage therapy , physical exercises and more to help manipulate your spine in healing and managing your disc problems. Most people don’t realize that having good posture also helps maintain spinal balance. We all slip up when we sit and have to remind ourselves to maintain proper posture, especially if you have a sedentary job. Try using a lumbar support cushion for any chair to help alleviate pain and encourage a strong spine.

San Francisco Chiropractic & Herniated Disc Treatment

No matter what stage you are at, come in and see us for a consultation. Often times people get diagnosed but don’t have a set treatment plan. Let us help get you on track to healing faster and stronger. 

Contact our San Francisco office for any questions regarding herniated discs or if you are experiencing any back pain. Our doctors and staff are here to help you live a healthy, strong and active life!

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