What are Foot Levelers? How Orthotics Can Reduce Back Pain

As you may or may not know, proper standing posture is incredibly important for a healthy spine and overall body balance. Your feet affect your entire body. We can’t help the way our feet grow, and it’s most likely not something you think about on a daily basis. If you have unlevel feet, it can cause misalignment or added pressure in different parts of your body disrupting its normal homeostasis. Strenuous activity, not using proper form when lifting weights or heavy objects, and improper posture, are all possible causes of low back pain. Back braces are a great temporary way to help alleviate pain while you wait to see your chiropractor for your treatment or custom orthotics.

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What Are Foot Leveler Orthotics?

Custom orthotics or foot levelers help with flat feet, those with heel pain, low back and overall body imbalance. Orthotics are made to fit your unique foot. A scan is taken of your foot and that impression is used to make your custom orthotics to help improve balance to your body, reduce your back pain and relieve unwanted strains. You can still benefit from custom orthotics even if you are not experience pain. Remember pain is the last thing that shows up and first to go away.  Slight imbalances take much longer to show up as symptoms. Fatigue and pain may show up later down the road and orthotics will help prevent such imbalance. Foot levelers are also beneficial for athletes to help improve performance and total body wellness. We like Foot Levelers over other the kind of orthotics most podiatrist use because they are semi-rigid not rigid.  We have 26 bones in the our foot and are meant to allow us to walk, jump and run. Each bone is meant to have some motion not to be casted which happens with rigid orthotics.  The Foot Levelers provide guided support eliminating excessive motion of the feet but not restricting motion completely.  

Benefits of Foot Levelers and Orthotics:

  • Completely Customized
  • Achieve a Balanced Body
  • Stabilize Pelvis
  • Advanced Arch Support
  • Total Body Wellness
  • Reduce Pain
  • Daily Comfort

Where to get Foot Levelers & Custom Orthotics in San Francisco?

SF Custom Chiropractic customizes your foot leveler orthotics to specifically target your pain. We us a digital scan of your feet to get to most accurate look on how your orthotics will support your postural needs. See how foot levelers can improve your life!

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area (or near Santa Clara, CA), get in touch to schedule your consultation.


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