Why Running Can Create Injuries

Running is a great part of almost any regular workout regimen. It helps to strengthen your cardiovascular system, builds up the muscles of the body, helps you to enjoy more endurance with every run, and it burns up calories quickly. However, it is also a common cause of injuries, and many of them are avoidable when you learn how and why running can create injuries.
Whether you run as an athlete, a jogger, or someone who just enjoys the feeling of running, you can benefit from discovering how and why running can create injuries, as this can help you avoid common problems.
Runner’s kneeWhy Running can Create InjuriesOften listed as the top injury sustained by runners, it is caused by repetitive downward force, but also by downhill running, weak hips, and imbalance in the muscles. This means that those who run uphill, on flat surfaces, and on softer running surfaces may never experience this injury. Of course, it can also mean that you need to work on your form to ensure you are not putting all of that pressure on the knee and causing pain.
Begin by using a knee brace that holds your leg in proper alignment. This makes it easier than ever to see how or why running can create injuries and cause pain. You might also visit a physiotherapist to examine the knee to determine which part is absorbing the impact.
Stress fracture – In line with runner’s knee, stress fractures are also due to repeated pounding along the entire length of a leg bone – either the shin or the thigh areas. This is usually due to too much running and not enough cross training. To properly support the bone, you need to have adequate muscle tissue, so beginning to amp up the muscle strengthening in the legs is one way to prevent or slowly overcome stress fractures. These are injuries that require professional care, and even a bit of physical therapy to properly heal.
ITBS – Also known as Iliotibial band syndrome, it is caused by weak hips and too much mileage. You’ll know it right away, as it causes pain from the knee to the pelvic bone. Most athletes know to begin increasing hip strengthening exercises while some runners begin using specific stretches to overcome this issue. It is another problem that requires a bit of professional help to overcome, but with proper training it can be done.
Take time to understand why running can create injuries and how you can avoid them. The point to take on any running injuries is that they are most often due to repetitive stress and weak muscles. Knowing the proper form and knowing your body’s limits are the best ways of avoiding running injuries.
The chiropractors at SF Custom Chiropractic are sports chiropractors that deal with plenty of runner’s injuries if you ever need to get check out!
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