Active Release Technique For Soft Tissue Therapy

Active Release Technique (ART), the gold standard of soft tissue care focuses on smoothing out scar tissue and muscular adhesions in the body. For the month of April, SF Custom Chiropractic will be offering an initial complimentary ART treatment to new patient’s primary area of complaint.

Active Release Technique, otherwise known as ART,IMG_7135-300x199 (1) has been referred to as the gold standard of soft tissue treatment and care. ART is a soft tissue treatment technique which consists of a trained practitioner identifying the site of fibrous adhesions that build up within soft tissue, followed by the practitioner using hands-on directional force to break up the fibrous adhesions so that they are resorbed into the circulation. This technique also frees up nerve entrapment due to muscle adhesions. This leads to regaining full range of motion, improved circulation, and increased muscular strength over time.
Everyday activity can lead to injuries that accumulate within the soft tissues. These tissues include muscles, ligaments, and tendons, support structures for the skeleton that allow for the full range of movement within the body. These injuries can be the result of an acute injury such as a fall, overuse and overstretching, and over time when stress is put on these structures due to poor posture.
Dr. Bailey says, “ART is a highly effective soft tissue treatment modality. When used in conjunction with other chiropractic treatments, our patients often feel immediate relief as we guide their hard tissues – their vertebrae and bones – back into alignment and ART works to free up adhesions within muscles and other soft tissues, leading to longer lasting relief and restoration of functional movement.”
SF Custom Chiropractic’s treating doctors, Dr. Jacobs, Dr. Gustin and Dr. Bailey, have taken extensive certifications and training in ART and count it as one of their most important treatment techniques from their diversified treatment playbook. In late February, the chiropractic doctors took a Complex Protocols Active Release Technique course to become recertified and to refresh and renew their knowledge.Complex Protocols ART calls for addressing underlying problems, pressure and tension between adjacent tissues. ART is an effective treatment for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and pain in the extremities.
Dr. Jacobs says, “Incorporating ART into each treatment gets patients better faster than just chiropractic adjustments alone. I won’t refer my patients who move or travel to another chiropractor unless he or she is a certified ART practitioner.”
Dr. Jacobs, Dr. Gustin, and Dr. Bailey use ART in the SF Custom Chiropractic clinics throughout the Bay and have traveled with many high level and professional athletes to help them continually performing at their highest level.
SF Custom Chiropractic hopes to bring awareness of Active Release Technique by offering a special promotion for the month of April. New patients will receive a free initial Active Release Treatment to the area of primary complaint for patients. If your back pain has interfered with your daily activities, now is the time to come. Call the office at (415) 788-8700 to make an appointment.
Based in the Financial District of San Francisco, SF Custom Chiropractic opened in January 2011. In July 2013, SF Custom Chiropractic opened its second location between Bernal Heights and Mission District. Head treating doctor, Dr. Adam Jacobs, and Dr. Bradley Bailey received their doctorate from Palmer West College of Chiropractic (known for being the leader of sports chiropractic). Dr. Anthony Gustin received both his doctorate and masters from University of Western States in Portland Oregon. Both Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Gustin are Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioners. In addition to their doctorate degrees, Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Gustin have full body A.R.T.® Masters certifications and long nerve entrapment certification and Dr. Gustin has received a Masters of Science in Exercise and Sports Science. SF Custom Chiropractic takes a holistic full body approach to fix underlying structural problems associated with back pain and many other musculoskeletal disorders. For more information, visit https://sfcustomchiro.com or follow us on Twitter @SFCustomChiro.

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