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Services offered are leading-edge and are designed to offer restorative, long-term sustainable solutions to patient’s ailments. For a list of conditions we treat, check this page.

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Chiropractic care is about much more than simply relieving back and neck pain. Insuring that your spine and your entire nervous system operates properly are the primary functions of a chiropractor.


Active Release Technique (ART)

Active Release Technique or ART is the gold standard of soft tissue care. Injured muscles, ligament, fascia, tendons and nerves all respond extremely well with ART treatment. What separates ART treatment from conventional massage or muscle work, is the precise directed tension and the very specific movement to ensure the smooth movement of tissue.


Functional Movement Screening

Functional Movement Screening™ is a quantifiable assessment of necessary functional movements of the entire body to detect biomechanical faults, muscle imbalances and asymmetries. Depending on the resultant score of the assessment, the certified practitioner will selectively choose a rehabilitation program and movement patterns that eradicate the deficiencies and asymmetrical movement patterns.


Laser Soft Tissue Therapy

The multi radiance medical laser is used to accelerate pain relief and healing. Doctors in over 30 countries use it to assist in both chronic and acute pain for over 300 different conditions. Laser therapy is a safe and non-invasive way to control inflammation and increase joint flexibility by delivering light energy units in the form of photons to damaged cells which promotes healing.


Deep Tissue Massage

This particular type of massage therapy focuses on realigning muscles and connective tissues. It is particularly helpful for people that have chronic tightness and stiffness. When chronic muscle tension or injury is present adhesions are formed in the muscle tissues, tendons and ligaments. Deep tissue massage works to break down these adhesions and restore movement.


Corporate Outreach

Corporate outreach includes health talks which focus on things such as ergonomics, sports injuries, dealing with stress and so forth. It also means health fairs, scoliosis screenings, ergonomic evaluations for groups and individuals, and a mobile massage team.



IASTM, a soft tissue technique that utilizes instruments to improve the restoration and healing of soft tissue pathologies.  The treatment decreases pain, increases range of motion and enhances athletic performance.


Custom Orthotics

SF Custom Chiropractic offers Foot Levelers, which are Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers. They are a unique custom orthotic shoe insert that supports all three arches of your feet.  This will help create a solid foundation upon which proper posture can be built.  Each pair of Foot Levelers is custom-made off of a digital scan of your foot.



Kinesiotape is a flexible, latex-free, state-of-the-art tape that is applied to soft tissues to promote stability and selectively facilitate or inhibit muscle firing. Specific techniques of kinesiotaping may also be administered to significantly reduce bruising and swelling associated with acute injuries.


Surface EMG (sEMG)

Surface Electromyography (sEMG) is a device which measures the amount of electrical activity your muscles release when they are contracting, more commonly known as muscle tension.  Muscle tension is one of your body’s natural defense mechanism to pain and injury, and over time, muscle holdings can become habitual and actually cause excess strain that may lead to misalignments in the spine and other joints of the body.