It’s Official: People Love SF Custom Chiropractic!

Best Chiropractors in San Francisco

Dr. Jacobs worked with me to develop a comprehensive plan for improving mobility and strength, which included both regular visits and at-home exercises. While it’s definitely still a work in progress, my overall strength and flexibility has improved dramatically over the past year under Dr. Jacobs’ care and guidance. -Rachel K.

Dr. Jacobs disproved everything I was ever told about chiropractors. He single-handedly improved my skeletal and muscular health as related to body alignment. My body feels limber, balanced and pain/tension free. Without hesitation, I would recommend Dr. Jacobs to anyone who is experiencing body pain and discomfort before seeking relief with medication. -Regina F.

I am truly grateful to Dr. Bailey and recommend him to anyone and everyone that is feeling physical discomfort and wants relief. -Dylan H.

Love love love !!! Dr. Bailey is AMAZING !! Magical hands that heal. Plus friendly and knowledgeable staff :) you don’t have to suffer anymore. -Kayla G.

Qualified for the Boston Marathon for the second time thanks to Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Bailey. Utterly professional, straight to the point, fast and productive…exactly what a no nonsense athlete wants. – B.B.