Does an adjustment hurt?

Treatment will not hurt. Sometimes, there is a slight body tenderness following an adjustment like the soreness one feels following a workout. This feeling comes on from the improved motion which was restored to the joint. This is a good thing and the soreness should resolve in a few days.

How many adjustments or treatments does it take to get better?

The number of treatments depends on the individual. Everybody has different habits, different problems, different jobs, etc. The number of treatments will be based on all those factors and how you respond to the first adjustment.

What is that popping or cracking sound, is that bone breaking?

That cracking sound is actually gas being released, similar to the popping of a cork. Between each joint in the body is fluid which lubricates the sockets and keeps it healthy. When a joint gets stuck or out of position ,the result is built up gas and pressure. The adjustment simply repositions the joint, and restores its normal motion and function, at the same time releasing the gas (popping or cracking sound).

I heard once you go to a chiropractor you have to go for the rest of your life?

Not true, if you want to experience the true benefits of chiropractic and the full potential of your body’s nervous system functioning at its highest potential, then you would need to see a chiropractor for life. Just as if you wanted to experience the true benefits of exercise or eating healthy or dental care, you would need to have some form of repetition or route. However that is not for everybody, and there are plenty of people who only get treated when they are in pain or have symptoms.

What are the Costs?

Cash rates :

General Treatment and Initial Visits:

First Visit: $200 (includes consultation, exam, treatment and findings which are given on second day)
General treatment: $100 (adjustments, spinal warm up, massage on leander table, ART to specific complaint)

Extra Services:
Tecnica Gavilan: $25 extra
Laser therapy: $25-$50 extra depending on area

½ hours Deep Tissue Massage: $65
1 hour Deep Tissue Massage: $130
1½ hours Deep Tissue Massage: $195

Insurance Rates:

Vary based on plan