Corporate Wellness Programs and Outreach Services

What are the benefits of corporate wellness programs?

  • Improved employee morale. Employees want to feel appreciated, and when they do, your company is likely to have a higher satisfaction rate and productivity on account of happier employees
  • Less PTO used. Travelling to and from doctor appointments often takes longer than the appointment itself. Onsite care and services require a fraction of the time and offer the simplicity of being only a few feet away
  • Reduced overall cost of healthcare. By tackling a preventative approach, wellness programs can identify health concerns at their initial stages before becoming serious and costly

Is there a work injury problem?

In 2015, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) accounted for 31 percent of the total days taken away from work (more than 300,000) to recuperate. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), these types of Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) affect almost 2 million workers and cost up to $20 billion every year. Therefore, both the prevalence and cost of musculoskeletal injuries in employees is large -- and it’s increasing.

So, what do employees want? Are they receiving ideal benefits, and are these programs working?

  • 55% of employees are likely to accept a job with lower pay if it offers better benefits while 15% of them have quit because they were unsatisfied with benefits packages
  • 87% of employers are committed to workplace wellness, and 73% offer a wellness program
  • For the average employer, $1 spent on healthy interventions equates to $6 of health care savings


On-Site Chiropractic Care

Bring our award winning chiropractors into the office to provide the service that has been know as the Best in the Bay. The doctors provide thorough examination and treatment as well as customizable exercise plans per individual.


Chair Massages

You’ve probably dreamed of having massage chair therapy on demand. Here is your chance to make this a reality for your entire company -- have our massage therapists spoil your employees with relief of any stiffness, tightness, and stress.


Health Fairs

Transform the office into a space with knowledgeable chiropractors, informational handouts, and surveys to address employee health concerns.



Choose from any one of the health theme workshops that we have led in the past, or propose an idea of your own. Let one of our doctors immerse your employees into an interactive experience that engages them and discusses their ideas, questions, and worries.


Ergonomic Evaluation

Steer away from cookie cutter programs that are unable to create an ergonomic work atmosphere that detects underlying health issues. SFCC is able to customize the workplace and correct the problems causing pain or discomfort in employees on an individual basis.


Scoliosis Screenings

Have an SFCC chiropractor visit a school facility to conduct scoliosis screenings in addition to backpack/bag fittings. Diminish the concerns of families in the community by helping them and their children develop healthy habits and awareness to prevent back future back pain.

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