Corporate Outreach Services

IMG_7294Health TalksDr. Jacobs has spoken to many different businesses in the financial district to educate and inform employees and staff members on various health topics. Most sessions last approximately 30-40 minutes and focus on topics such as work ergonomics, sports injuries, dealing with stress, repetitive stress injuries prevention, carpal tunnel, headaches and spinal health. Because Dr. Jacobs only does two seminars a month and this fills up quickly. If you or your company are interested in scheduling a health seminar, please contact  SF Custom Chiropractic at (415) 639-9166

Health Fairs- Dr. Jacobs and his staff have been a part of several companies’ health fairs in the San Francisco area.  Some of the services they offer are sEMG, digital foot scans, posture checks, repetitive stress injury screenings, ART demonstrations and chair massages.

Scoliosis Screenings Backpack Fitting- Dr. Jacobs goes out to local grammar schools to conduct scoliosis screenings and backpack fittings to help out the youth develop healthy back habits.

Ergonomic Evaluations:  Dr. Jacobs goes to companies around the financial district and performs ergonomic evaluations, for individuals or groups.

Mobile Massage Team- A unique feature to SF Custom Chiropractic is their mobile massage team. The finest massage team will come to your office and offer 10-15 minute chair massage to your employees and staff members. These certified massage therapist will help you ease the tension and stress of a hectic workday, improving overall work productivity.